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Complete Portrait Tutorial

Portrait Tutorial Before.jpg


     I have finally dropped my portrait editing tutorial video!! Everything that you've seen on my social media and on my website was all edited using this exact work flow. Learn how I turned this before picture into this after picture using Photoshop and Lightroom together. Here are a few topics that we will be covering in the video:

  • Dodge and Burn

    • contouring 

    • the concept of dodging and burning

  • Skin Correction

    • frequency separation

    • wrinkle and blemish removal

  • Body Sculpting

    • contour body​

    • liquefy 

    • body reshaping

  • Color Correction

    • correct color using RGB channels​

  • Color Grading

    • isolate skin tones​

    • edit scene without affecting skin

    • concept of editing skin tones

    • concept of editing complete scene

    • color pop

  • Selective Sharpening

    • concept of sharpening​

    • where to sharpen

  • Eye editing

    • how to edit the eyes of a subject​

  • Vignette via Gradient tool

    • unique way of vignetting​

  • Tone Editing

    • flatten image via levels, brightness and contrast​

    • Give depth and detail using tone curve

Portrait Tutorial After.jpg



-1HR and 28Min tutorial video

-RAW sample picture


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