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Mario Babasa



Born in California, 1993

Education: BA in Business Management at San Francisco State University, CA

Current Location: San Jose, CA

The origin of the name "That1LonerMarz" was inspired by my feeling of not belonging. I was an only child raised by a single parent mom, and had went through some rough times during my childhood. I created "That1Loner" to give anyone who was bullied, outcasted, abused, or suffered from depression, a sense of feeling like they were not alone. I wanted them to know that there were other "Loners" like them. I am That1LonerMarz and you might have or currently be That1Loner too.

I no longer feel alone as I have been able to establish friendships and bonds with those who I have met along my journey in photography. My passion for photography seems to grow more and more as each day passes. I'm always trying to figure out how someone got that shot, what they did to edit it, what lens was used, and the list goes on. My creations are my form of art, and if I can combine that with my degree to generate income, then I will feel like part of my life goal is complete.

My name is Mario Babasa. A wanderer that found his place in the art community as a photographer. I look forward to the new connections, business opportunities, and friends that I will make throughout this journey. I'm always seeking new projects and ways to improve as a content creator. 

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